Unique Cyber-Security Service for Small and Medium Enterprises

COSTAR is an independent provider of cyber security services to SME’s in order to stay healthy on the Internet.

COSTAR will register and coordinate incidents, reported by SME’s and provide counter measures to the SME’s to protect against Cyber attacks.

COSTAR will be available in all European member states with native speaking help desk employees, proving immediate support to reduce the risk and damage of a cyber attack.

One single service point for the SME per country enables incident and coordination with other service providers, whether it’s a bank, mobile operator, or an ISP no matter which internet device is used.

COSTAR will check the health status of any Internet device and monitors the risks of cyber attack. Online support will be provided to clean up devices with secure software patches where possible.

Arthur Leijtens

Arthur Leijtens has a master degree in Information Science. With his roots in the telecom industry where he worked for 10 years for Ericsson, Arthur started in 2002 his own company Bicore. Bicore is specialized in portfolio management and developer of the PPM application FLIGHTMAP which is used by global leading industry parties. Besides his job as CEO for Bicore, Arthur entrepreneurs in cyber security as operational director of the Trust in Digital Life association (TDL). Arthur is the creator of COSTAR to support SME’s in combatting cyber threats and leads the business development of this TDL spin-off. Arthur has an extensive track record in consortium building and fundraising for innovation initiatives and technology spin-offs in the ICT and Hightech industry markets.

Jon Shamah

Jon Shamah is a graduate of Southampton University, specialising in Aeronautics & Astronautics. Jon is a digital Identity & Trust Subject Matter Expert specialised in strategically maximising the technology and operational value chain of very large scale eID schemes, critical national infrastructures and national programmes. He has a passion for growing the SME sector within the Digital Economy. Jon received the 2009 EEMA Fellowship Award for Services to European e-identity, and is the Chairman of EEMA and contributes to European Programs such as SSEDIC, STORK2.0, ECIM, CloudforEurope and FutureID.

Daan Velthausz

Daan Velthausz, has a PhD in Computer Science, and is co-founder of two companies: InVivio and Maraxis and is an executive consultant at BICORE. Daan has been involved in many different EU projects, including trustworthy ICT related projects: ACTOR, ATTPS, AU2EU and was co-editor of the Trust in Digital Life’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

  • Cyber-security services

    Provisioning affordable managed cyber-security services in all European member states especially geared to SMEs

  • Monitoring and Assistance

    Actively monitoring the health of SME infrastructure on subscriber devices and providing remedial action to attacked SME's.

  • Training

    Mounting training and awareness programs for the SME sector.

  • Evidence

    Collating cross border evidence of cyber-attacks to assist in effective prosecutions by Criminal Justice organisations.